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Improved care with clinical intelligence

For more than 15 years, we are providing consulting and implementation services also to healthcare providers, pharmaceutical distributors and health insurance companies.

To deliver maximum value in our projects, we are using the best of breed Data Analytics Platform Qlik extended by Inphinity value-add products such as Forms write-back extension, Flow extension for process intelligence and Mole Unstructured Data Connector. 

We partner with Catalyst BI, a UK based company, to bring  The Command Centre solution for heathcare providers to Australia and New Zealand.

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Hear from industry experts, learn about the Active Intelligence and discover the value of the Qlik platform boosted with Inphinity extensions for healthcare organisation from Qlik's Charlie Farah.

Live demonstration, see how Rob O'Neill from NHS Morecambe Bay is using Inphinity extensions to maximise and extend the value of Qlik, including:
​​​​-HR Caseload Management App 

-Analytical Command Centre configuration app - handles bed occupancy inclusion/exclusions

-Executive Performance KPI app using Inphinity Forms for KPI commentary



Globally, more than 3000 healthcare organizations rely on Qlik® to uncover insights that lead to transformation. In order to support them in their fight during current crisis, we extend the amazing Data Management and Data Analytics capabilities of Qlik by write-back and collaboration features.

This enables the organizations to cover more business critical use cases using solely Qlik skills, increase their agility and efficiency.

University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust in UK, for example, they are using Forms together with Qlik Alerting to increase data quality in a Patient Safety Net project and to improve project management. 

The traditional spreadsheet project management processes have been replaced, providing real-time updating, reporting and alerting – saving hours and providing new levels of assurance. 

All the key project management controls can be combined e.g. risk register to support a seamless user experience. To make the process even more streamlined, they are able to upload, store and view documents within the native Qlik environment using the new Forms features.

"It's crucial that we deliver the highest standard of patient care as efficiently as possible. Inphinity Forms is helping us achieve this by immersing employees in real time data capture, allowing them to create and shorten workflow challenges in a very efficient way."

Rob O'Neill
University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust, UK


"Inphinity Forms is a great tool that enables us to remove Excel spreadsheets in our business modelling in Qlik, save time and bring information faster and hassle-free to the people who need it in the field."

Pavel Jinoch
Commercial Manager


Command Centre solution by Catalyst BI


Patient Safety Net demo with Forms write-back extension for Qlik Sense by Inphinity







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