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Qlik Shines in This Year’s BARC BI and Analytics Survey

Real World Users Rank Qlik Sense #1 in 11 Categories in BARC’s BI and Analytics Survey 21

The BI & Analytics Survey 21 is based on users' feedback and it provides the reader with well-designed KPI dashboards packed with concise information for easy uderstanding.

Qlik Sense scored 44 leading positions and 11 top-rankings:

  • The top ranking among the peer group "Large International BI Vendors" was received in following 8 categories: Business benefits, Business value, Recommendation, Product satisfaction, Dashboards, Analyses, Customer experience and Data preparation.

  • Top Ranked in two categories in Self-service analytics-focused products peer group: analyses and competitiveness

  • Top Ranked in competitiveness in peer group Embedded analytics-focused products

It's clear that Qlik Sense delivers excellent results in the crucial areas important to customers and buyers. Qlik Sense got more tam 90% rankings on analyses and dashboard building functionality and over 90% of surveyed users said they would recommend Qlik Sense.

Following image visually represents where Qlik stands among other BI products:

The best business intelligence solution I have used. You can learn to use the software and create dashboards very quickly. Adding your own data sources and the insights you can gain with the software are ingenious.

CEO, IT, 100-2500 employees

The full report below can be downloaded below:

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