• Kristina Bruska

FLOW extension for Qlik Sense brings clarity into Business Processes

Our partner Inphinity just released a version 2.0. of Flow extension used for visualizing & streamlining business processes in Qlik Sense. Let's have a look at how this small but powerfull little tool can be helpful for every organization.

Processes can be somewhat messy and most people would probably agree that the best way to understand a process is to draw it in a flow chart. Drawing it natively within the world's leading BI platform with unique associative technology makes Inphinity Flow truly special.

A good example is visualization of patient flow in hospital from admission to discharge which can be extremely helpful to get a quick understanding of a situation where time matters.

"Inphinity Flow brings so much to the table in engaging users in the story behind the data. So much flexibility now in displaying the visual aspect, that defines the process, the workflow or the organization."

Dalton Ruer, Qlik Cathedral Architect, Qlik

Another example is understanding the price components. If any individual cost line changes, what will be the impact on the end price? Graphical visualization such as the one below brings much clarity and easier understanding.

The same can be applied to visualizing hierarchies, relations, supply chains or simply for easier navigation within Qlik Sense.

If you are curious about 3 ways to make data analytics efficient with Inphinity Flow, check out the video below:

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