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Just released Forms 8.0 literally saves your time !

How? Read below...

Our Partner Inphinity has just released a new version of Forms write-back extension for Qlik Sense. An extension enabling users to input data directly within the Qlik Sense native dashboards interface.

The 8th release and the last one in 2020 is packed with highly innovative new features which, as the title says, can save you a lot of precious time. And we can't wait to bring it all to the Asia Pacific market :)

Single Record Form as a separate object

The table format is not always very user friendly for data input and it is certainly not at all mobile friendly. Especially if you have heaps of columns to fill. Now you can filter a specific request, ticket, order, patient, customer (you name it) and fill it out in a vertical, mobile-friendly form. If you have already some tables built in your Qlik apps, you can convert the table into single form simply by drag & drop. Definitely some time saved there for you (or your Qlik developers).

Example of a Single Record Form display as alternative to standard table format

Updating visualizations on the fly

If you're used to go get a coffee while waiting for the application to reload and reflect the changes you just made via Forms, then break the habit. You don't have to wait at all anymore!

Thanks to Server Side Extension capablity (SSE) of Qlik Sense, the visualizations can be updated on-the-fly without having to reload the whole data model. This is especially good news for those of you working with huge apps with millions of records. And as promised in the title, tremendous amount of time can be saved.

Front-end SSE capability enabling the bar chart, table and pie chart on the dashboard to update on the fly

Pre-populating the Forms with default values

Imagine you're entering a new budget or a forecast for thousands of SKUs. You certainly don't want to be manually adding the numbers in. Instead you will be just adjusting a system generated forecast or last year's budget. Again, lot of time saved here.

Thanks to the new SSE capability, you can use the new forms.write function to update the data in any data storage directly from the script. That means you can prefill the data in a DB or XML file during the reload of the app or you can use for any other use case as well. Do as you wish.

Backend SSE functionality enabling easy pre-population of Forms by default values. All managed from Qlik script

REST API Integration

The data you input via Forms doesn't necessarily need to be stored in a database or xml file. What if you want to fix a data entry errors in your CRM or triger an action in your ERP system? Or even manage an IoT device like e.g. triggering a coffee machine to brew a fresh cup in the morning or turn the light on as shown in the link below :)

Multiselect options

Sometimes one option is simply not enough…

Example of multiple options selected in Forms

A few more enhancements

Finally, some improvements important mainly for developers and admins:

  • Form instance id uniqueness check in Forms Admin app

  • FAQ documentation section

  • Qlik SaaS authentication support

  • Field validation for auto-calculated fields

  • Form column name uniqueness check in the properties panel

We are more than happy to showcase this new innovative writeback capability and help your users to take action where the data is. So get in touch or try Inphinity Forms 8.0 now for free.

Happy Qlik-ing :)

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